About us

Namaste from Team Choola!

Choola is founded by husband & wife duo – Ameer & Nicole – as a way to really celebrate and showcase how fantastic and delicious Nepalese food is, making it more accessible and also encouraging people to learn more about Nepal and its fascinating culture!

Originally from Nepal, Ameer moved to the UK at the age of 10. Growing up in Nepal and spending lots of time with his mum and aunties in the kitchen, he was always helping out (and generally getting in the way!), and that’s where he discovered his love of food and cooking.

Cooking up a storm ever since and turning that love of food into a career as a chef, he’s enjoyed working in a lot of different kitchens, but his true passion has always been the amazing food he grew up with – the flavours and spices of home.

And with a background in marketing, Nicole made the decision to quit her job and join Ameer on the adventure, swapping the corporate world for kitchen life.

And so here we are – embarking on this crazy dream together, we can’t wait to share a taste of Nepal with you!

What does ‘Choola’ mean?

Commonly used as a term for an outdoor kitchen, most homes in Nepal will have a ‘choola’ in their garden – an open stone stovetop, fuelled by fire underneath, where food will be cooked above.

We may not have an open fire in our trailer, but that won’t be stopping us from cooking up some flamin’ great food on the streets of Scotland, all from our little Choola!

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