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Fusing tradition with a modern twist on authentic Nepalese Street Food

What is Nepalese food like?

Nepal serves up a wonderful fusion of flavours through its food. Not only are there many fantastic dishes and ingredients which are uniquely and traditionally Nepalese, but thanks to the country’s geographical position, the cuisine has been influenced by neighbouring countries including China, India, Tibet and the Middle East.

For example, dishes will use similar spices to Indian cooking (ground cumin, coriander, turmeric etc), as well as as those used in Chinese cooking such as sesame.

Plus, Nepalese cooking generally uses a lot of whole spices, as well as ground, for a more fragrant and aromatic flavour, especially spices native to Nepal. This includes the likes of ‘Timur‘ (a peppercorn similar to Szechuan pepper), black cardamon and Himalayan black salt.

We’ll be serving up food based on authentic dishes found in both the street markets and the homes of Nepal! Our menu will vary across different events but we’ve included some of our favourites below, to give you a taste of what to expect….

Pork Momos

Handmade Nepalese dumplings filled with Pork (locally sourced from Balcaskie Estate in Fife), cabbage and onion, served with a mild, served with a mild tomato & sesame achaar (sauce) or spicy tomato salsa.

Veggie Momos

Handmade Nepalese dumplings, filled with spiced soya, cabbage and onion and served with a mild tomato & sesame achaar (sauce) or spicy tomato salsa.

aaloo nimki (v)

Spiced potato dish with chickpeas mixed with mustard oil and topped with chaat masala, Himalayan black salt, yoghurt, fresh herb sauce, tamarind sauce, pomegranate seeds and Nimki (crispy homemade pastry pieces)

aloo dum & sel roti (v)

A very traditional spiced tomato & sesame potato dish from Nepal. Served with fried bread made from rice-flour.

Buffalo Tar Kari

Tender slow-cooked buffalo meat (locally sourced from the Buffalo Farm in Fife) in a rich gravy made with traditional spices. Served with fried beaten rice.

Jungle Chicken Curry

Succulent chicken pieces in a fragrant, spiced sauce packed with fresh herbs. Served with fried beaten rice.

Chilli Chicken

A Nepalese take on an Indo-Chinese classic! Fried chicken pieces in a sweet, spicy, tangy sauce with peppers and onions.

Pork & Saag Curry

Succulent pieces of free-range Pork (locally sourced from Balcaskie Estate in Fife) cooked in traditional spices with spring greens. Served with chiura (crispy beaten rice) and pickled moola (radish).

Pyaaji (V)

Crispy spiced onions in a gram flour batter and served with a mint herb sauce

Papad (V)

Colourful poppadum tubes, topped with chaat masala and served with tamarind dipping sauce

For private events and parties, we can build a bespoke menu for you, suited to your tastes, spice levels and budget. Contact us for more information at hello@choola.co.uk

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